Server administration

Security assurance, backups, full ecosystem
Comprehensive server administration service

Remote administration of VPS, hosting, or dedicated servers based on the Linux system allows for creating an infrastructure tailored to the most demanding tasks


A team of experienced and available 24/7 administrators will take care of your servers located in any Data Center worldwide

Response time

You can sleep peacefully. We guarantee that we will respond to and fulfill your request within the predetermined time frame.

Time optimization at work

You don't have to dedicate your or your employees' time to server administration. We will take care of it for you, while also selecting the appropriate tools

Constant contact

In case of failures, attacks, or server instability, we maintain constant communication with clients via email or phone

The most commonly chosen options by our clients



VPS / Dedicated



In addition to a consistent local backup, we provide data backups in multiple different locations or create them tailored to your company's needs


Customization of hardware and software after analyzing the order specifications

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