IT consulting

Consulting, security audits, and system architecture
We will advise and assist your company

IT issues and solutions are our daily bread. If you're wondering about anything related to our industry, feel free to ask us – we'll be happy to help. We conduct IT audits, provide advice on IT solutions, and streamline IT processes

Security audits

If you're unsure about the security of your data on your systems, ask us. We will conduct an audit for you, during which we will assess and identify all sensitive points, and then assist you in improving those parts of the system that need it. This way, you will be able to feel secure

Architecture audits

When your system isn't functioning exactly as you envisioned initially, it might be due to the chosen architecture. We're willing to examine this for you and propose a solution that will address your issues

Usability audits

If you're experiencing a high bounce rate, it might be worth conducting a usability audit to understand how user-friendly your website truly is. Check the visibility of elements, areas of interest, and other important aspects of your system

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